Presentation Guidance

Length of Presentations and Scheduled Presentation Times:

The scheduled Agenda will be strictly maintained. Please plan the length of your presentation in accordance to the scheduled amount of time in the agenda (typically either 15, 20 or 25 minutes).

Each presentation should include:

  • Quad Chart (updated) – for programmatic use and does not need to be briefed
  • C-WMD Relevance – Awardees should discuss the relevance of the project to Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, the impact of the project and potential utility toward C-WMD.
  • Research Objective(s)
  • Experimental or Computational Method(s)
  • Results:
    Awardees should cover progress made since the July 2015 Technical Review with highlights of prior findings only as needed to clarify current findings.
  • Unexpected Findings, if any:
    On a separate slide from other results - purpose is to capture anything that is outside the proposed objectives or was a surprising outcome that may lead to unanticipated breakthroughs
  • Accomplishments:
    Publications, presentations and patents resulting from this DTRA-sponsored effort, honors and awards awarded to grant researchers, C-WMD courses or classes taught, etc.
  • Collaborations and Interactions with universities, national and service laboratories
  • Future Research Plan—Next Steps
  • Do NOT include any proprietary or confidential information!

Here is a suggested PowerPoint Template for your use.

The audience will be encouraged to review each presentation through the following questions:

  1. Rate progress towards enhancing the state-of-the-art in this scientific field:
    Very High or High or Average or Low or Very Low
  2. Rate the scientific/technical impact of this project on DTRA’s C-WMD mission, if the project was successful.
    Very High or High or Average or Low or Very Low
  3. Considering the current progress and project goals, is this project on track?
    Yes or No. Comment
  4. Do you have any suggestions that would help this project move beyond the known state-of-the-art for this scientific subject area? Are there alternative technical approaches that could be used in the project?
    Yes or No. Comment
  5. Do you know of any related research groups that they should talk to or collaborate with? Please describe and/or list the name(s), contact information, and/or institutions that may complement this research effort.
    Yes or No. Comment
  6. Are there any unexpected or noteworthy outcomes from this research that were not part of the original objectives that could lead to a revolutionary advance? Please explain.
    Yes or No. Comment
  7. Are there any general applications for this research? Are there any products resulting from this project that could transition to an applied research area?
    Yes or No. Comment

Please note that this information will be collected with attribution (a name will be associated with each comment) and is intended to provide feedback to the presenter and encourage collaborations. Negative answers do not indicate a negative review.